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   A Tattoo Cover Up is one of two options for dealing with an Unwanted Tattoo, the other being Tattoo Removal ( Laser Removal)

    Covering Up an Unwanted Tattoo is the cheaper option. Cover Up Tattoos may completely hide the Old Tattoo with a New Tattoo Design, or may incorporate elements or the whole of the existing Tattoo.



    Reasons why you might Cover Up your Unwanted Tattoo: A Poorly applied Tattoo, Very Faded or Very Light Tattoos, But these are the easiest to Tattoos to Cover Up. Each Tattoo Cover Up is A Custom Design made to fit over the Unwanted Tattoo.


     There are different Techniques when it comes to a Tattoo Cover Up. Our method here at Pistol Pete's Tattoo Saloon, we have come to find Best for All Tattoo Cover Up,  BUT WE CANT TELL YOU HOW WE DO IT THATS OUR LITTLE SECRET, but we will surly show ya!!


So if you're looking for a Tattoo Shop that is the Best Tattoo Cover up in Texas 


Pistol Pete's got's you Covered Up! LITERALLY!
Some even say he's the best cover up artist in the world! For Pete Believes in no Limits




    Each tattoo is different hours needed are different and are estimated/ballpark hours need. 


       Stop on by and see what a true tattoo cover up is all about. PPTS is the Best  Cover up Tattoo Artist hands down in Texas and the USA. Pistol Pete makes it a Miracle Experience, Covering Tattoos everyone else takes you can not be done. You will leave with laugher in a sense of Mockery to those who told you it cant be done. making Pisol Pete your go to....  Best Tattoo Cover Up all of Texas and USA.


        The photos below are examples of Tattoo Cover Up's  done by Pete Salais A.K.A. "Pistol Pete".

At times due to being so egar to get the Tattoo Coverd Up,  Pete Salais at times forgets to get the before picture. Here are a few of Pete's Cover ups 

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